Step by Step

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

. Researches have discovered that our brains find it easier to process concrete rather than abstract things

Time to Rethink

So it's easy to #procrastinate isn't it. I find myself fooling myself often by being busy with other tasks and putting off tackling the main issue

A few tips that may help is to Make a list, Make yourself accountable,Start small, Reward along the way

Make a list: The action of ticking off tasks as you go encourages more action

Make yourself accountable: Tell a friend and ask them to make you accountable. Harder to disappoint them than yourself and it's embarrasing

Start small: Decide what are the steps to start, begin with easier tasks, complete and move onto the next

Reward along the way: As you move along the list, reward yourself with a break, cuppa , pat on the back

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