Is the bucket half empty or half full?

Acknowledging that some have lost jobs and facing uncertain futures, now could be an opportunity to consider making changes in life. Have you ever wished to change jobs, start a business, spend more time with the family? Now's the chance!

As written in the book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”, by Carol Dweck there are two mindsets..

  • A Fixed-Mindset is the belief that abilities (from intelligence to creativity and athleticism) are innate and largely fixed; and

  • A Growth-Mindset is the belief that abilities are highly trainable and developed through effort and failure.

Which mindset do you relate to? Can you be retrained? Are you willing to research new possibilities? Do you have an expansive vision, that you can feel is right for you? I wish for you, and everyone to take this time in history to make a difference, to research, to plan and take small steps towards your dream.

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