4 x 4 Breathe

Updated: Aug 18, 2018

Breathing exercises have a variety of benefits for the body that not only make you healthier, but can reduce your stress and anxiety levels as well.

  • Deep breathing can improve your energy level. ...

  • Deep breathing slows your heart rate. ...

  • Deep breathing helps to clean out the lungs. ...

  • Deep breathing reduces anxiety.

Keeping it simple is the 4 x 4 breathing, takes only a minute and you'll feel the benefits immediately

To the count of a slow 1,2,3,4, take a deep breathe

Hold for the count of a slow 1,2,3,4

Release to a slow 1,2,3,4. Lets hear that breathe release

Rest for 1,2,3,4

Repeat all 4 steps at least 3 x times and relax.

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